Thursday, October 30, 2008

Survivor Gabon – Episode 7

Last Week: Fang voted off Kelly, Randy has a fun time over at Kota.

It’s day 19 at Fang and Matty reminds us that there is no food. He’s become hopeless about everything. Crystal trips the rice box and Matty wants to kill her. After the rice is ready, Crystal decides not to eat as a form of punishment. Kenny tells us that Matty/Ace are against Crystal.

After the abridged opening, it is day 20 at Kota and the tribe sits around and laughs. Dan is worried about the Charlie/Corrine/Marcus alliance he confronts them and voices how he wants to be part of a group. Corrine and Marcus call Dan paranoid; Corrine goes far enough to think that he was a fat kid when he was younger.

At the reward challenge, the contestants play keep away with a breakable ball. Monkey in the middle with a small rope course in between. The winner gets a picnic and a helicopter ride. Kota sits out Charlie and Corrine.

First round has Randy & Ace attacking. Randy’s aggressiveness gives Kota a point. Round two has Sugar & Bob. Bob gets really pushy and Sugar giggles around for the whole time. Bob tackles people and Sugar looks really useless. Eventually a toss messes up and Kota gets a point. Dan & Matty are attacking for round three. Dan’s aggressiveness gets Kota the last point and the win. Kota sends Sugar to Exile again. Matty calls her useless. Kota gets helicoptered away.

Majestic music plays as Kota gets a wonderful view of Gabon. They get a picnic by a crater/cliff.

Fang is depressed. Matty is losing his spirit. He complains about Sugar and how usless she is to the game, citing her poor showing at the reward challenge. Matty tries to get Ace to vote off Sugar. Ace tries to calm her down by convincing him to vote off Crystal. Crystal and Ken on the other hand, want to blindside Ace.

Back to the wonderful picnic, everyone stops when a man brings them letters from home. The emotions start to come out, especially from Bob. He sits by himself, cries, and kisses his letter. He feels like a lucky man for even being here.

Over at Exile Island, Sugar is in her shack. She sits in a hammock and eats an apple. She hopes that her teamwork with Ace doesn’t get messed up.

The next day is another challenge. Sugar comes back and Jeff tells us what the challenge is. Firstly, both tribes are going to vote out someone, and everyone can try for individual immunity. The challenge is a log roll, one on one, and it doesn’t matter who they are taking on. There is also a twist, to be announced later.

Dan takes on Ace first. After being calm, Ace beats Dan. Charlie takes on Crystal and Crystal falls right over. Marcus/Matty take on each other and Marcus wins. Randy takes on Susie and Susie falls over. Ken takes on Sugar and after a second, Ken falls over. Bob takes on Corrine and he mentions the Lumberjack contest he’s won in College. Bob tries to scare her with a dance and it works.

Round 2: Charlie goes up against Ace and in a close heat, Ace wins. Marcus vs. Randy and Randy falls in. Sugar/Bob and after Bob slips, Sugar wins.

The final round is a three for all between Ace, Sugar, and Marcus. Ace is in the middle. It is quite intense between the three, but Sugar falls in first. After some battling, Ace finally loses his balance and goes in. Marcus is the winner, the twist is that Marcus has to give immunity to someone in the other tribe and he gives it to Sugar. Marcus hopes that she holds on to the Hidden Immunity idols. And out of nowhere, Sugar has all the power in Fang.

Back at Fang they think about who’s next at Kota. They speculate Randy or Susie. Ken tries his best to convince Sugar to vote with him and Crystal. He explains about Matty wanting to get rid of Sugar and how Ace controls her. Sugar doesn’t fully trust anyone. Ken just hopes his talk works. Ace wants to get the idol from Sugar, he tries to weasel his way back. Sugar starts to believe Ken, but still is confused.

At tribal council Jeff asks Sugar about camp life. Sugar talks about the lack of rice. Rice is valuable. Matty talks about Crystal and she snaps at him. Ken makes the most sour of faces hoping that Crystal would be quiet. Ace’s wandering accent tries to talk to Crystal as she snaps back to him. Sugar calls them petty. They go to vote. The votes we get to see is Crystal (who votes for Ace) and Matty (who votes for Crystal).

Jeff gets the votes and they are: Ace, Crystal, Ace, Crystal, and Ace (the last reading Ace-hole). In a great blindside, Ace is sent home. Matty is shocked.

We’re back to afternoon with Kota. Dan is worried and tries to get reassurance from Marcus. The onion alliance decides to replace Bob with Randy. Randy points out how Susie could jump ship. Charlie points out the only way to have Susie gone is if Susie explodes. In a conversation with Corrine, Susie accidentally self-destructs herself by telling Corrine how she doesn’t do work. Corrine finally emerges as the bitch from previews and she turns to Randy with her hissy-fit. Randy agrees. Corrine decides to turn to Charlie and Marcus. They point out the clear risk, but worry about the hidden immunity idol that Dan doesn’t have.

At council, Marcus talks about the power play after merges. Susie talks about strengths and she says that she’s stronger than Corrine (at least). Corrine snaps at her. Randy calls himself an 8 on the explode-o-meter. Dan talks about worrying too much. Charlie talks about trust into a merge. Can the vote be a mistake? Corrine doesn’t know. As they vote we see Susie voting for Dan, Dan voting for “Suze” and Marcus voting for Susie.

Jeff reads the votes: Suze, Dan, Dan, Susie, Dan, Susie, and Dan. In a close race Dan is eliminated 4-3.

Next Week:
Randy calls himself the King of the game as he drinks a martini. He may swim around naked.


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