Wednesday, October 22, 2008

America’s Next Top Model – Episode 9

Two weeks ago: Tyra taught poses. Then Tyra believed that another one of her crazy ideas were amazing. This time she made her hamsters act like they were part of an awards show. Lauren (Brie!) fell and went home.

This week Sheena is worried that she’s not model-y and Elina is frustrated that she’s not open. She finally plays that “European” card. Marjorie agrees. Samantha tries to convince them that they have been in America since they were 8. Samantha, that’s stupid. Their parents taught them European standards at home. Marjorie and Elina play up the victim card. Sheena & Joslyn talk about being minorities but focusing about being themselves.

Tyra Mail! Ugh…whatever. The girls are reintroduced by the aswirl twins! Samantha is happy. They are teaching an accessory class. Handbags, scarves and hats. McKey looks silly and one twin shows her. Sheena turned a scarf into a hooch. Joslyn correctly uses a bag. Marjorie struggled with the skirt. When is a skirt an accessory? That’s a necessity.

The challenge is a green-screen challenge. James St. James explains that the girls are going to be in an avant-garde invisible runway challenge. It’s all about the clothes, no eyes, no expressions. Quite an interesting idea. The girls are given various dresses; none of which really looks Avant-Garde. Ann Shocket reveals the prize is an accessory shoot on Seventeen.

Elina complained how she couldn’t breathe. The music kicks in. She’s first and she lets go. McKey does a funny skirt fan. Marjorie’s dress turns into a skirt and it embarrasses her. Analeigh gives some good pearl action. Samantha tried to be very versatile, but struggled with her jacket. Joslyn does a strip tease with her belt. Sheena swirled to give the dress emotion. She basically didn’t stop swirling.

Joslyn got called out with the belt, Sheena swirled too much, Marjorie gets a dress call out. Elina was elegant. The winner is Elina. She has to pick two friends and she picks Marjorie and Analeigh. Sam is angry that the Atheist gets the “Christmas” photoshoot.

The girls get dolled up and take some shots. Analeigh looks a little too happy to be there.

Tyra Mail! Something about being prompt. Joslyn feels under the weather. Sheena uses teriyaki sauce and Sam makes some racist phrase, Sheena finds it funny. Elina doesn’t like it. Sheena finally explodes about ethnicity and atheism. Ooh, I think I found a degree of Marjorie I don’t like as she defends Elina.

MLAACV: She talks about how everyone is working for the same goal and how to use every part of the body as a Covergirl. She’s lucky that most were head shots because whoever was in charge of the clothes made her look quite fat.

It’s the next day and Elina & Sheena aren’t talking. Sheena calls it a battle between Good vs. Evil. Joslyn is sick.
The girls show up in a nice house. They are greeted by Jay and Whitney. She’s way too perky about this. She practiced too much. The girls get a teleprompter, but they still have to sound really relatable. Frank is our director. Sheena has some talk with Whitney.

Samantha is first. We find out that they only have 5 takes. Her first take was a little gawky, but not too bad. Joslyn is still sick and she keeps studying but is too distracted. Elina is still too controlled. After her talking to Jay, she tried her best to loosen up. McKey messes up by walking past her line, then gets a blond moment. Analeigh is great. She’s very Covergirl. We cut to a shot of Joslyn. She runs to a garbage can and she vomits. And we actually see it.

Marjorie is a little too fast when she speaks. As Jay gives her criticism, she gets emotional again. She goes again does better. Her arms flail a little too much. Sheena doesn’t get too Hoochy; it was believable and connectable. Jay gives Joslyn the okay if she has to stop and puke. Joslyn is too overemotional and is overdoing it. Jay says her last take was flat.

The Tyra Mail mentions the girls doing home. Marjorie (of course) is scared. She realizes that Joslyn is actually trying even though she’s sick.

Judging Time! This week Tyra tries to cover up her fat by wearing a poncho and a belt. Hello judges. And Frank the director. Tyra reminds us Cycle 6’s shoe challenge. This week she has a clog challenge. Out of all of them, Sheena seems the most comfortable and Samantha struggled a lot (she may have fallen in the back). She tells the girls that they are going to Amsterdam and the aswirl twins come out as Windmills and there’s some odd frame with stereotypical dutch boy and girl pic.

Sam’s commercial is first. Tyra points out that she had trouble with the prompter. Frank mentions that she mummers a little bit. Marjorie’s take was really fast. Her head looked like a chicken according to Jay. Analeigh aced the commercial and Tyra is blown away. Joslyn is quite drag and by that I mean that in a weird way. Joslyn’s laugh was fake and the acting was bad. Elina’s commercial was okay, but she lost her connection when she looked down. She still didn’t let go. Sheena’s commercial is still my favorite, but Jay didn’t like the snake-y ness. McKey struggles with her commercial; reminds me of Caridee’s commercials.

Top Models in Action: Jaslene is a really good model, but I think that it’s because she’s really thin and a good walker. And she has a really nice skin tone.

The judges deliberate: Nigel likes Sam. Marjorie worked the chicken for 2 seconds. Analeigh = great. Joslyn winks too much. Elina was too “tight” according to Paulina. Sheena was expressive and slinks. McKey was a good face, but not an actress. Paulina points out that the girls are either good commercial or good editorial, not both.

The photos this week are screen grabs. The winner is: Analeigh. She is followed by: Sheena, Samantha, Marjorie, McKey. Joslyn and Elina are the bottom two. They are different: strong photos and fading vs strong photos and tightness. Elina is safe. Joslyn is going home. Joslyn is a survivor and she’ll do well. Her photos overall weren’t too strong. *Wink*

Next week: Amsterdam! They run and do hoochie window posing.

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