Monday, October 13, 2008

The Amazing Race Recaplet:

Episode 3

Up: Ken/Tina

Down: Mark/Bill

+ Read your clues! Geez, that's another week of clue mistakes!

+ I think Ty also as a whistle.

+ I like seeing people in superhero costumes. Especially Dallas.

+ Didn't they have that weird concoction for heights in South America? I can't recall which season it was, but I could have sworn Season 7 had a drink that they were required to drink.

+ Although I think Marissa/Brooke's time is running out, they have definitely grown on me. When you have a band behind you, have fun!

+ I must be a sick individual but I laughed hysterically when the divorcee wiped out on her bike. I thought it was karma.

+ This Divorcees vs. Starr thing seems so childish. It's a Race.

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