Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dancing with the stars Week 6 results:

Last night some celebrities struggled with injuries. Some struggled with dancing. Others struggled with the hip-hop. Along with that Michael Flatley was kind of flat and flattering.

We’re reminded in the video that Cody may (and will) survive for next week and have Edyta. People like Warren and Lance did well. Maurice & Cloris struggled.

We’re given a small breakdown of each contestant, a commercial, and a preview of Michael Flatley’s performance. Boy does his fedora hat look “Freddy Kreuger” and with fire? Quite intimidating.

The group re-does their hip-hop as the encore. Susan is still bad, Brooke doesn’t put as much effort into this. Cody performs by himself. Cloris and Corky are in the background and I really don’t remember them being there last night. They end up sneaking to the front again for the final group pose.

We’re given the score rundown again. I forget how often they recap what happens the night before. Our first two teams who are safe tonight are: Lance & Lacey followed by Cody with no partner at the moment. I hope Cody could match the chemistry that he has with Julianne. How old is Edyta again?

Ballroom Children Time! Craig & Samantha (13 and 11) are brother and sister. Their younger sister was on last season. Samantha is a diva and Craig is annoying. He drops her in practice. The dance the Cha-Cha (Cha) and right off the bat I can see that Craig has quite strong lines dancing. Samantha on the other hand, looks a little too constipated in the face. Getting back to the dancing, they do great. They cover a lot of area for their heights. Michael thought it was sensational. Bruno thought it was fantastic. Carrie Ann gives them a “Woo-hoo.” She’s slowly turning into Paula.

Simon & Lucy (Both 13) have danced for a year. Lucy does ballet. Simon was paid to dance by his mother when he started. They cook together as an outside activity. They also won first in some national competition. They dance the Samba to “Steal My Sunsine” which automatically gives them a good grade from me. I’m easily swayed. I’m surprised how leggy both kids are. They are also quite flexible. Their parents cheer from the side. Carrie Ann thought it was great, she points out the shapes Lucy made. Michael was also impressed. Bruno likes that they were having fun; he also applauds Lucy’s extensions.

The Judges results are: Craig & Samantha, Craig & Samantha, & Craig & Samantha. This is our first sweep for the season. Usually Len plays the curveball and makes it look like it was close.

The Pussycat Dolls are next, along with Missy Eliot. I loved the fact that the dolls are both musicians and performers. This dance brings them back to similar burlesque beginnings. I always applaud Nicole because she can sing and dance. Breathing is a hard thing. Missy Elliot shows up and she’s looking quite good. I remember her back in the days of trash bags. Hey! Another pussycat doll actually had a part? That’s good. They all pose at the end and I got to applaud the one doll in the back who posed with the insane split.

Edyta is back and Cody seems a little nervous and oddly turned on. Edyta’s accent is quite sexy as she compliments Cody’s dancing. Julianne, according to Cody, is doing well and is at home. Lance (on the other hand) is gleaming after beating Brooke. Apparently there is a “Team Dance” where Team A takes on Team B. Interesting.

One more couple is safe: Warren & Kym.

Michael Flatley does a Capone-influenced routine. He comes out with a very fierce model walk, I must admit. His tapping is also quite good. It just looks like a ‘20s iPod commercial. The sirens come in and he’s in the middle of the stage on a box. He taps a little and dust starts emerging. I wonder if the tapping sounds were recorded before, because it seems a little out of sync. It seems as though there is a little white taped area where he has to stay or else he gets burned. The fire starts to emerge and he taps even faster. He jumps past and explosion! The end.

Our next montage is a mix of physical vs. mental skills. We have a marine and a psychologist talking about things. Misty-May’s coach mentions a little bit of both. The first key term is focus. Brooke has family, Cody needs to focus. Maurice is the hardest worker. The pressure is high. Susan is a perfectionist. Warren’s NFL background is his strength. Confidence is another key. Lance needs confidence. Cloris has too much confidence.

We have the rest of the results: Brooke & Derek are safe, Maurice & Cheryl are also safe. Cloris & Corky and Susan & Toni are our bottom two. After the commercial we are told that Cloris & Corky have finally had their last dance. She thanks all the judges and then sits on the dance floor. She laughs and says that she’s not leaving. She will sit in the audience next week. Corky has an interesting way of lifting Cloris and they go to their final dance.

Next Week: I’m intrigued by this team dance. We’ll have to see how exactly it all plays out.


Anonymous said...

every paula reference i hear lately just make me look forward even more to american idol 8. really miss her and the show! DWTS is just *whatever*. and carrie ann will never be anything but a paula wannabe.

Michael "Paz" Pascua said...

Yeah it's true there is only one Paula, but sometimes I prefer a judge that makes sense. Carrie Ann is at least nit-picky and can show dancers where to improve. You know you want to see the improvement and Carrie Ann is that judge that says it. Bruno tends to not make sense and Len is showing his age by saying things like he doesn't like the dance because it's too "new" and "hip" for his taste.

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