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Dancing With The Stars: Week 6

Last Week:
Toni finally went home after being quite mediocre. I guess it's another sad love song (zinger!)

This week we have a guest judge. Everyone is so sparkly this week. Maybe because I’ve been on Dancing withdrawal and a lack of Project Runway doesn’t help. Tom reminds us that Michael Flately is our guest judge. Apparently he is the highest paid dancer. Samantha reminds us that there is a hip hop routine.

Maurice & Cheryl – Maurice’s Salsa was good. He’s finally back to Ballroom. His last ballroom dance was week one. Cheryl is a little frustrated about Maurice’s musicality. Maurice is as well. Poor Cheryl, she looks kind of fat in the waltz outfit. Maurice is stiff and it seems like Cheryl is doing all the work. She looks like she was leading the whole dance. Michael seems a little less judgmental, but calls out the planned-ness in his eyes. Carrie Ann calls out a lack of chemistry. Bruno doesn’t think that there was any grace and fluidity. The scores are 7, 7, and 7.

Lance & Lacey – Lance fell on his bum. Lacey was pimping herself out. The two are in Florida, where *Nsync practiced. Chris & Joey visit, Joey gives some of his tips on how to survive this show. Lance starts off sliding down the banister and acts like a fool, until he’s back with Lacey. He definitely captured the spirit of the Jive. His kicks could have been sharper but, everything was lively enough that I could forgive him. Bruno liked it a lot. Michael doesn’t want to hear the whole lack of confidence edit. Carrie Ann goes all Bruno in her remarks; she makes it sound like Len died. The scores are 9, 9, and 9. That’s a great recovery.

Susan & Tony – Susan was very mannequin-like in her hustle. She wants to be more fiery, but she is having trouble bringing it out. Tony decided to bring her (and other soap stars) to a Mambo club. She captured the spirit of the club into her practices. She still has a little fa├žade in her dancing, but I can’t fault the decent technical dancing. Her weird lift-kick section was awkward. Her arms seem very off too. She ends with a cat scratch-meow-zer. Carrie Ann thought she broke the box (I really didn’t think she did). Bruno noted that the timing was really off. Maybe that’s what was the problem. Michael thinks Bruno & Carrie Ann should be married, he also thinks it was a little off, but forgivable. The scores are 8, 8, and 7.

Brooke & Derek – Brooke aced the jitterbug, but she hurt her right foot. Derek had to choreograph by himself as Brooke went through some physical recovery with a doctor. Derek is trying to push her hard, but he doesn’t want to hurt her. After the commercial, they dance the Rumba to “No Air.” She’s very smooth even with the leg injury. She still splits with the best of them. I feel as though there would have been more physicality if her foot wasn’t bothering her, but it was very smooth. Michael thought it was sensational; he loved how she was quite focused. Carrie Ann doesn’t think that this was her best dance, because the injury showed. Bruno thought she was under par. The scores are 8, 10, and 8. Guest judges.

Cloris & Corky – Her salsa was decent enough. Corky is having a vintage Cha-Cha-Cha performed. They are like an old married couple. I’m sure he wants to kill her, so he brings George (her husband?). George gets her to focus. The theatrics are in full swing. Cloris still seems to stand around. It’s quite geriatric this week. Corky attempts the death spiral with Cloris, though I think she was ahead a few steps and thought she was going to do the spiral first. She’s in hysterics. Bruno called the Cha-Cha-Cha nonsense. Michael compliments Corky. Carrie Ann is a little sad that Toni Braxton was eliminated for this dance. Hah. Good point. The scores are 5, 5, and 5.

Cody & Julianne – They are gleaming after the 10, but Julianne had a stomach problem and Cody was very forgiving. Cody wants to make sure his posture is good. Julianne wants him to get into character and he gets a fake tan and black sprayed hair. I like the version of “Whine Up” for this Samba. Cody is heavily into character and after Cloris it looks amazing. They are smooth and they dance around covering a lot of area. Carrie Ann called the Samba intense; she loves the improvement. Bruno called the dance wrong and said that his moves were like Paso. Michael liked the character and determination, but thinks that there is more to this Cody kid. Julianne is going to get her appendix removed but will be paired with Edyta if he survives. The scores are 8, 8, and 7

Warren & Kym – The hustle was a lot of fun. They have the rumba (like Brooke) so they decide to have a character involving a love/hate relationship. As they dance, I’m still not sure how I feel about Kym’s hair, but their Rumba is what I was expecting. The moves are smooth and sexy. This is definitely Warren’s breakout night. Michael thought there should be more dancing, but he liked the spirit of the dance. Carrie Ann called it sexy and compares him to Emmet; she points out one awkward moment. Bruno also likes the character, but he made mistakes. The scores are 8, 9, and 8.

Group Dance – Old Skool Hip-Hop. Brooke says that this reminds her high school years. “Showtyme” is their choreographer. The group does a little bit of dancing and Cloris shows up and messes up everyone’s game. She eats a burrito as everyone sweats. Brooke needs to be iced. Each couple has solo time and truthfully, I hope this whole thing is funny. As the group does a pose together, Cloris looks like a ballerina.

Cody starts with a little beatbox. The music kicks in and Cloris and Corky are first and they look silly. Most of the young people are good. Susan struggles the most from my view. Cody’s bum is nice too. I like how Lacey and Kym have a section in front. Brooke and Warren battle a little bit. Did Lance do some “Bye Bye Bye” steps? Yeah, he did. Cloris mysteriously shows up in the end to pose. That was the silliest thing I’ve ever seen.

Bruno says some people looked Hip and others looked “Hip Replacement.” (I'm sure he meant Susan) He liked Cody. Michael praises everyone. Carrie Ann thinks that Cloris should be Flavor Flav for Halloween. She congratulates everyone.

The Scores


Lance – 27
Brooke – 26
Warren – 25


Cody – 23
Susan – 23
Maurice – 21
Cloris – 15

Who’s going home? I think that Cloris will have a tough time trying to make 6 points, let alone overtake Maurice. Then again, I still think that most of Maurice’s votes come from Cheryl’s fans. I wouldn’t be surprised if Maurice went home though.

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