Wednesday, October 29, 2008

America’s Next Top Model Episode 9: Planes, Trains, and Slow Automobiles

Last Week: Elina and Sheena faught. The commercials were a plus for Analeigh but bad for Joslyn. Joslyn vomited in a blue garbage can, which was quite graphic, but didn’t get any sympathy from Tyra and she was sent home.

The girls return in high spirits and pack for Amsterdam. Elina still talks about how she covers from control. McKey wants to make it to the top, and would rather have wanted Joslyn around. The sexy six fly over.

The girls are introduced to Daphne Deckers, the host of Holland’s Next Top Model. She decides to send the girls out into the city, in pairs, . Team 1 is Analeigh & Marjorie, Team 2 is McKey and Sheena, Team 3 is Elina & Samantha. They have to first get a train over.

Team one thinks that US Currency is accepted. Team three struggles in the beginning due to Elina running in sandals. Sheena has a stereotype of Amsterdam involving sex and marijuana. They have to find a phone to get their next clue. They have to make it to Dam Centrum. They have to use another phone to call for an address. The taxi that the girls take takes a little longer than expected and Samantha & Elina are the first team. Marjorie & Analeigh are second. McKey and Sheena are team number three. Wow, a small tinge of Amazing Race pops up.

There is some Tyra mail and the girls don’t understand it. Marjorie, Elina, and Analeigh have what Samantha calls “A Lesbian Party” and the other three girls can’t stand it.

Elina is happy about the apartment because it reminds her of Ukraine. McKey is annoyed again.

The girls make it to their challenge. Sheena is worried as the girls walk down the red light district. Ms. Jay tells us that there is a Red Light Fashion Amsterdam challenge. The girls are put in pairs. These teams are Sheena/Marjorie, McKey/Samantha, and Analeigh/Elina.

Edwin is the designer for Samantha/McKey and his team is doll house. Samantha is happy to sell clothes and not her body. Jan is Analeigh/Elina’s designer and it just looks awkard. Sheena/Marjorie have a “freaky, crazy” designer and she decides to go crazy.

Analeigh struggles with the light and the little dangling things by the window. For the dolls, Samantha & McKey really worked like a team. Sheena & Marjorie on the other hand tried to be more edgy. Marjorie understood the poses and the poses. Sheena was too feminine.

We are introduced to another worker from Red Light Fashion Amsterdam: Mariette. She tells us that the prize is that they get to go to fashion week. Jay goes through all the results: Jay loved Marjorie, but Sheena was too hoochie. Samantha was better than McKey, but both did well as a team. Jay liked Elina, but didn’t like Analeigh getting stuck. The winners are McKey and Samantha.

There is some Tyra “post” involving a “voyage.” Samantha talks to the other girls about how she’s uncomfortable about prostitution. Elina argues some more with Samantha.

My Life as a Cover Girl: Whitney goes shopping. She then puts on make-up and looks like a dead ringer for Anna Nicole Smith.

After the commercials, the girls are whisked away to a body of water. Jay Manuel tells the girls about Amsterdam’s shipping industry. The girls get to wear period pieces with a model twist. Andy Tan is the photography and his portfolio is quite interesting.

McKey emerges and is a little woozy. She really wants to get a first place callout. McKey really works some editorial angles. Jay reminds Samantha to be really editorial. She tries some angles but they don’t work. After some coaching, she does better. Sheena reminds us that she’s not going to be hoochie. Sheena tries some kicks unsuccessfully. Sheena then straddles a beam like a hooker. Elina gloats after having extra frames. She tries to focus and has very controlled poses. She doesn’t listen to Jay until the endpoint. Analeigh is next and she needs to work the natural poses from the figure skating. She finally gets it and has some amazing poses. Marjorie starts off a little awkwardly, but after taking some advice from Jay she does well.

After the Tyra mail reminds us that someone is going home the girls talk about tension. Sheena reminds us that she is fighting. Elina worries about the control issues.

Tyra greets the girls to the new judging panel and judges. Our guest judge is Daphne, whom we’ve met before. Elina is first, she gets applauded for her wins. Her shot is a good pose, but Paulina points out the horrible fingers. Tyra thought she was too stiff in her photos. Sheena gets criticized a little bit for the clothes. Her shot has a great face and good clothes, but her pose was bad. Tyra almost picked the kick shots. Analeigh’s shot goes over well with the judges. McKey gets applauded for the clothes, Nigel likes the freakiness. Her shot has legs to it. Marjorie’s photo went well, except for a mysterious emerging arm. Daphne calls her meek. Samantha is last, but her clothes are questionable. Tyra decides to try helping and Ms. Jay gives her his pants. It doesn’t help. The photo on the other hand is really nice and she controls the shot.

Top Models In Action: Katarzyna is signed by Elite and is doing well. Maybe even a little better than the actual winner Whitney.

The judges deliberate. Elina’s vote is broken. Sheena’s face is great, but her body is not. McKey is great. Analeigh has been improving. Marjorie’s shot is okay, but Daphne calls her Bambi. The judges think that Samantha’s shot was amazing, but is a little too commercial the rest of the time. The judges finally decide.

Tyra calls out the names: McKey, Analeigh, Marjorie, Samantha. Our bottom two are Sheena & Elina. Tyra tells Elina that she’s not a model in front of the judges and re-mentions the control. On the other hand, Sheena is the opposite and struggled with photos. Elina’s name is called. Tyra wants her to loosen up. Sheena is thanked for being there. Tyra calls her a star. She hugs the girls and packs.

Next Week:
Tyra does a shot with the girls. They also go through go-sees.

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