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Dancing With The Stars Week 4: Skanky Hos and Ricky Ricardo

Last Week: Rocco finally went home. Although I appreciate his good looks: Yay!

I’m really excited about the new dance styles. I find it good for Lacey that they got West Coast Swing which is her specialty. I also still find the opening with Cody looking quite deer caught in the headlights. Hello Tom and other woman. Welcome “stars.” It’s been a week hasn’t it? Toni’s wig is looking quite interesting. It’s so weird; Lance and Lacey look like they were wearing normal outfits. I also recall that one of the last things with West Coast Swing was an episode of So You Think You Can Dance and Katee wore pants, so I assume that that’s they style. Each contestant is going to perform the same dance back to back against each other. Len explains each of the new dances and is quite exited.

Lance & Lacey – After emerging last week, this week Lance points out how he was the worst dancer. Lacey has decided to be quite positive. Lacey decided to bring her father, Benny. Her dad sees Lance’s potential. I got to say that they get the most interesting music of all the performers. The dance unfortunately really showcases Lacey so every little thing that Lance misses looks worse. Lance also slips in a slide, which is kind of funny; he recovers well. I don’t know it all just looks a little sloppy to me. Len wanted Lacey to show off Lance (I agree). Bruno called the performance “Dance around the Star”. Carrie Ann applauds Lacey’s West Coast Swing, but she needed Lance to actually stand out. I knew Lacey’s ego would pick up when she had something she was good at. The scores are 7, 7, and 7. Lance doesn’t think the fall made a big difference in scores.

Toni & Alec
– Toni’s performance last week was disappointing and she feels like she’s coasting or sinking. She really decides to work hard this week and Alec is pointing out all of her posture problems. Well, with a 21 Toni should be able to beat that. They dance to a weird dance version of Michael Jackson. The dancing is quite smooth, and Toni’s lift was quite intense (by speed and duration). I don’t know there’s something about the speed of the performance that’s a little too slow for West Coast Swing. Clearly it was better than Lance’s attempt. Bruno calls her “Slinky & Sexy” and he liked the partner work. He disliked the moonwalk though. Carrie Ann thought that the performance was over danced. Len sees the potential but he thinks that the two should regroup. The scores are: 7, 7, and 8. They squeaked past Lance/Lacey by a point.

West Coast Swing Winner: Toni
(not by much though)

Susan & Tony
– Erika Kane’s performance was good. They have the Hustle vs. Warren. Tony reminds us that the hustle emerged from disco and Susan showed us pictures. Susan’s ankle has bothered her again and they bring her to the hospital. She gets an MRI and it reveals that she has a bone fracture, but she can still dance. I give her credit for being bouncy. I find it ironic that the last time we saw a good Hustle on this show Tony was doing his Freestyle with Stacey. This dance though is a little slower. The lift was graceful, but it didn’t really capture the spirit of the Hustle. They do a second lift and I’m convinced it was because of the ankle. Carrie Ann thought it was fun and she liked how she didn’t see any pain; she wants Susan to break out. Len thinks that Tony is trying to protect Susan too much. Bruno thought it wasn’t a real “Downtown Hustle” but the steps were there. The scores are: 7, 7, and 8.

Warren & Kym
- With a disappointing Samba last week Warren is tired and stressed. He still wants to be pushed and he works hard this week. Kym is going all out with the choreography. Well, that’s because you don’t have an ankle problem. Now this dance is what I was expecting for a Hustle. It’s energetic, lively, and fun. Warren looks like he’s having fun, and he’s acing all the lifts as well. The performance is really getting the audience pumped. They slip a moonwalk and it fits here. The audience gives a (mostly) standing ovation. Len was quite impressed and really enjoyed it. Bruno says Warren is good at “Funking.” Carrie Ann loved the nostalgia factor. The scores are: 8, 8, and 9.

Hustle Winner:
Warren & Kym

Cloris & Corky
– Cloris’ high scores last week was enough to keep her around. She goes to the fans and she personally thanks them. With the Salsa, Corky was hoping that Cloris could keep in character. Their performance is still quite entertaining but I can actually see a few actual Samba steps as well which is quite good. Bruno liked it, but called it a little bit of a drunk salsa. Carrie Ann loves it. Len along with admitting that 64, loved it and thanks Corky for good steps. The scores are: 7, 7, and 7. Cloris mentions that her character was a “skanky ho” and lots of silliness ensues.

Maurice & Cheryl
– Maurice’s Samba was not up to par. Cheryl is having trouble because she does ballroom and Salsa is not her strength. She tries to go through the steps while practicing. Cheryl thinks Maurice is lazy because he isn’t frustrated; she’s really looking for the passion. I know the original background music that they are doing is from Yma Sumac. Automatically I think that the performance is better. It’s lively and the steps are good as well. There are a lot of pretty tricks and overall good. Carrie Ann calls Maurice in and hugs him in congratulations. Len loved the energy and how he gave his all. Bruno liked the whole thing. The scores are: 9, 9, and 9. Very impressive.

Salsa Winner:
Maurice & Cheryl

Brooke & Derek
– The sexy samba wasn’t much for Len, but it still had good scores. The jitterbug is very new to Derek and he’s so confused. He did some research online and he followed instructions. He calls the jitterbug a cartoon. It’s true. You know they didn’t know what they were doing when they started with Derek doing a flip. It actually turns out to be quite colorful and bouncy. The lifts seemed effortless and I think that this maintains Brooke’s points. Len likes it and Derek’s hair. Bruno thinks it was “glorious.” Carrie Ann calls it amazing. The scores are: 10, 9, and 10.

Cody & Julianne – After a good week, Julianne is kind of confused on the steps. They decide to sneak in and watch Brooke. They try a whole ton of tricks and Cody is struggling. As they dance Cody’s mouth seems to eternally be open. The dancing is quite fun. It’s nice to see a little guy like Cody perform lifts and succeed. At Cody’s last slide he almost kicks Julianne in the leg, but succeeds. Bruno calls the performance a “firebug” and he liked the slapstick performance. Carrie Ann loved how it matched Cody’s personality. Len liked it as well. The scores are: 10, 9, and 9. The audience boo’s in disapproval.

Jitterbug Winner: Brooke & Derek

The Scoreboard:


Brooke – 29
Cody – 28
Maurice – 27


Warren – 25
Susan – 22
Toni – 22

Cloris – 21
Lance – 21

Who’s going home? I really think that this might be the last week for Susan if she doesn’t have good supporters; if not Lance, Cloris, Susan and Toni are all in trouble. Who do I think has the least number of voters? I believe that’s Toni, but I’m hoping not.

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