Thursday, October 16, 2008

Survivor: Gabon Episode 5

Last Week: Fang still kinda sucked after a shuffle. Crystal rows in circles. Jacquie went home. Although according to the votes so did "Jackie".

Fang is back from tribal and although Ace is nervous he knows that Sugar is in his pocket. Sure like that accent of his. Sugar returns disappointed that Kelly is there instead of Jacquie. Although she tries to cover up the fact that she has the idol, Crystal isn’t having any of it.

Ooh a stingy fish. Kota is having a good time. Randy is quite happy. Even though he knows he would be out if they lose, he’s convinced that he can con his way in.

Over at Fang though, Matty spots an elephant and drags the rest of the tribe over. Across the water is an elephant. Matty looks like he was five and he just got a Super Nintendo. The elephant tears up a tree for their amusement. I guess it’s the best form of television out there, the Discovery Channel. Some guys decide to bring the kayak out to stare. The rest stare in fears of being eaten. Ace & Matty kayak closer and the elephant really isn’t that moved. He could probably see through Ace’s accent as well.

We’re at our next reward challenge. Kota sees Jacquie and the onion alliance is in shock. The challenge is some sort of fruit/hole/sticks challenge. These challenges really aren’t that creative are they? The reward today is an herb garden. They are all live too. Also they get any fruit they got. Crystal & Ace for Fang Bob & Charlie for Kota are blocking. Ace and Bob do pretty well for blockers. Corrine can’t toss well either. Luckily for Fang, the tossing and blocking is working well. Dan decides to try throwing two at a time. As catchers Ken(ny) and Randy are doing good. Dan throws a watermelon and pineapple and it slams Ace in the face. Amazing. I would have done that instead of winning. Jeff weighs Fang’s and it is about 16 pounds. As Kota weighs, Marcus bites Charlie’s shoulder. With the help of a pineapple Kota ends up winning. Kota sends Sugar back to the Sugar Shack. She giggles and walks away.

I really don’t understand Dan’s technique. He decides to pump the group up. Marcus is questioning everything though and still questions that Susie is trying to fly under the radar. Randy swims around instead of eating fruit with the rest of the tribe.

During the challenge balls roll down the hill. With Dan/Randy and Ace/Sugar at the bottom, the rest in five turns throw wicker balls down a hill. I love the fact that Ken and Bob are always paired up against each other. Mostly due to Dan’s blocking, Ace being hit in the face again (yes!) and Randy screaming commands at Ace confusing him, Kota wins again.

When we return GC wants to quit. He tells Matty who tells Crystal. Crystal is pissed and Ace is smirking in the back. Crystal decides to get rid of GC because he has no pride. Ken tells Kelly to get rid of GC. Sugar & Ace have some time and talk that maybe the idol should be used one day. I have a feeling that Ace might have thrown the challenge a little bit. The rest of the tribe eyes Sugar’s bag and Crystal unfurls the idol. The rest of the tribe realizes that they have to blindside Sugar. The tribe realizes that an idol is a bigger threat than a quitter. Have him quit next week.

The tribe comes back to council and Jeff tries to pound people with questions. Ace mentions a lack of belt loops. GC talks about how much he misses his family. Sugar mentions that GC was voicing going home. Sugar cries for some extra support. Matty tries to convince GC to stay in a way. Sugar tries to dodge some more bullets, though she mentions that her bag is out in the open. She tries to convince that this would be an easy way for her to maintain power.

We get to watch Sugar vote for GC and GC voted for Kelly (because he had to). As Jeff mentions his speech about the idol, Sugar just stays there. The votes read: GC, GC, Kelly, GC, and GC. I guess no one wanted to deal with GC’s attitude.

Next Week: Ace needs a jumper. And he finds it in Matty. Sugar also is on his side, so he thinks he owns the world. I’m really hoping he gets blindsided down the road.

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