Wednesday, October 8, 2008

America's Next Top Model: Episode 7

Previously on ANTM: Marjorie cries. Some natural disasters were real disasters and Clark was sent home.

Sometimes I wished they re-did the credits after the girls got their makeovers. Granted, Sheena really doesn’t look any different if they curled her hair for that shoot. But it would also be interesting to see the eliminated girls get makeovers as a decoy for eliminations.

Where were we? Oh yeah, Clark is finally off my screen. Samantha and the girls are all cooking in the kitchen. Samantha talks about how crazy controlled children are. Elina talks about the extreme Russian Mother that she had. Odd, that Marjorie never connected with her. Lauren (Brie) is afraid of losing her edge. Samantha really looks like she’s selling fruit at the market. The other girls are convinced that Analeigh is not competition. Analeigh compares herself to the rest of the white girls and is scared. Hmm, now that there are less girls I guess we’ll see more Sheena.

The girls are whisked away to a photo studio and get actual Tyra mail. Tyra shows up in that “mailman” costume she made. She reads the mail like she was smoking something before she walked in. I didn’t understand her poem/mail. The girls are instructed to wear a traditional black dress. Tyra talks about signature poses. Apparently, Tyra uses eyes as her pose. The girls all get 20 poses. Random shots that are un-coached. They are reviewed and take more shots with Tyra’s help. Analeigh wants to be a fierce ice skater. She pouts funny. After her critique, she still does badly. McKey tries over the shoulder. After the critique, she poses like she was punched in the face. Samantha tries to use her hands as a shot. Uh, no. After the critique she’s okay. Lauren Brie tries “awkward”. Her arm looks busted. After the critique, Tyra wanted “Edgy Surfer” and Lauren Brie misses again.

Sheena basically doesn’t want to be hoochie. Tyra tries to teach her to face her boobs the right way. After the coaching Tyra wants her to become an African dancer. She tries to back her thang up and Tyra has to correct her. Josyln was next and she wanted to be “wide”. I guess she meant legs. Tyra believes that Joslyn’s pose is profile. Elina is like amazing so she turns catalogue into letting go. Marjorie goes for “Hunchback.” What? They interlace some bells. Tyra shows her that she really is a hunchback. Marjorie after the coach was actually quite good.

Surprise! This was actually a challenge and Marjorie won. Some diamonds? She picks Analeigh as her friend to bring into some store. Analeigh picks a $3200 peace sign. Marjorie picks a $3700 square/diamond/rhombus-shaped necklace.

There is some mail that again doesn’t make sense. The girls are sent to a theater. The girls are going to be part of the “Fiercee” awards. They have to be part of some “embarrassing” shot. These embarrassing moments are weird. Marjorie has to pee. They give her more classical music. Marjorie’s awkwardness becomes an asset in a toilet. Samantha’s moment is that can’t read cards. Samantha struggles, but her shots are unbelievable. Elina is given crier. Of course. Tyra wants to torture her hampsters.

MLAACV: Whitney wanders the city. I feel as though that all of these shots were recycled before. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that same blue shirt. I didn’t notice this time though if she was sporting sweat stains like she was the last time.

Elina talks with Jay and he convinces her to feel “not good enough”; he talks in between shots and she actually lets go. Jay talks to Lauren Brie and she has “trip” and she fails in the first few shots. She still struggles. McKey has “I thought I was gonna win” and she sits sadly. Sheena talks more about being hoochie. Sheena didn’t look that good either. Joslyn has “Some bitch has the same dress as me” and she uses some profile shots. Analeigh has “snooty correspondent” and she gives an interesting “bitch please” face.

The girls get nervous as panel shows up. As we watch Tyra use an award to pinch her eyes, we are also greeted to Tyra in some weird cloak-shirt. The judges are introduced including Mike our photographer. She explains that the hood is because of “drama”; sure. McKey is first and her shot looks good, but doesn’t look like she’s covering it up. Sheena is apparently “classy” looking today. She got the pose okay, but her eyes are too far to the right. Analeigh’s pose is interesting. Samantha’s shot isn’t the right emotion in her shot, but Nigel thinks “hey it’s at least an emotion”. Joslyn’s shot is quite pretty and her 3/4ths profile is nice. She cries about her big nose. Marjorie is next and I love the “I have to pee” shot. Lauren (Brie)’s falling up the stairs doesn’t look that good. She didn’t go far enough. Elina’s overemotional-ness didn’t make it. They did a quick photoshopping without the tear and she didn’t look sad without it.

Top Models in Action: Danielle, now going by Dani, had to lose weight, but is quite successful now. I saw her walk in Project Runway’s final runway. If you’re looking for her she’s in Korto’s collection, along with Cycle 9’s Bianca.

Sheena has gone downhill but didn’t look as hoochie. McKey is growing. Analeigh is impressing the judges. Nigel likes Samantha’s shot, but the judges don’t like the emotion. Joslyn’s profile was good. Marjorie was amazing this week. Elina didn’t lose the control yet. Lauren (Brie)’s face is good, but she peaked a few weeks ago.

Tonight we’re going from 8 to 7. The winner is Marjorie (clearly). Analeigh. McKey. Samantha. Elina. Joslyn. Our bottom 2 are Sheena & Lauren (Brie). Tyra calls the two “plolar opposites”. Lauren (Brie) has the alien face but not the character that Sheena has. Sheena is called. She needs to find that balance between a caricature of herself and a model. Lauren Brie wishes the girls good luck and packs.

Next Week: Covergirl Commercials. Sheena and Elina fight.

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