Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Dancing With The Stars Week 3 Results Show

Last Night: A very weird show. Some good (Brooke). Some bad (Cloris).I still weep for Misty-May.

We’re “live” depending on your region. Jennifer Hudson, Kool and the Gang, & The Rockettes are on tonight. They recap last night, with nothing special in between. Except for Lance using the term “Fairy Farts”. We also find out that when Cloris’ wig was removed it hit Carrie Ann.

Our Tribute to Misty-May would have been the performance is Maks and Edyta dancing to the same performance. Oh and I loved that “Shake it” song over the summer too. It would have been the jive of the night, even if Misty was 50% of Edyta’s performance and it would have garnered a great score. It really was everything a Jive should have been.

After we see the leader board two people are deemed safe: Brooke & Derek, followed by Cloris & Corky.

Kool & The Gang perform next to a 70s medley of their hits to help sponsor some other ABC show. There are some sexy women in gold and the men are black. Their dancing lacks a little bit of that Disco feel, but is quite Latin in execution.

We’re given a clip about how each of the dancers have some positives from their past. Including footwork, playfulness, musicality, perfection, “The Club” feel, multitasking, “being a rebel” (What? Lance, I get it. You can’t say “The stereotype that all gays can dance” but can you at least say like… “The ability to learn choreography fast”), Cooking skills (Guess who said that?), and Susan Lucci’s Pilates program. I saw that infomercial the other night. One more couple is safe: Maurice & Cheryl.

The Radio City Rockettes are a lot of fun to watch. They are shiny, accurate, and quite leggy. I love how they still maintain a 30’s feel to them. These girls got to take a lot of aspirin after all those kicking. They do an interesting circle kickline; any excuse using the overhead shot really. As they go into their kick finale, they like double in size as more Rockettes show up in the back ground. I commend these women for kicking and in heels.

Up next is former American Idol (I like how these Fox reality contestants are on ABC) contestant Jennifer Hudson. If you’ve never seen Dreamgirls, it’s quite a visual and audio explosion of goodness. I love her image, not a stick like everyone else and very talented. Derek & Julianne dance to a mixed version of “Spotlight”. You can see how much talent all these professionals have when they are together. An insane amount of spinning, turns, and lifts. It’s also amazing to hear someone good live after hearing Jessica Simpson last week. Julianne gets to do a sexy dance on top of the judging table with Len creepily staring up at her. Derek does a few flips. That was quite refreshing actually.

We now have a clip show of choreographers; Dave Scott, Brian Friedman, and Travis Payne all talk about how the professionalism is mixed with teaching skills. They talk positives of each professional.

We now have a “dangerous” clip show. We basically get to watch people falling. Or in Jeffery’s case, a scrape in the eye. Wow, I forgot that Derek got neck injuries 2 seasons in a row. More results now: Warren & Kym and Toni & Alec are safe.

Boo! They said that no one is going home. The points this week will transfer to next week. They though, will reveal the couple with the lowest number of points so that they have to work even harder next week.

They talk a little about Misty. Len believes she was final 3. As did I. Carrie Ann wishes luck to the low scorers. Bruno points out about creating the breakthrough performance. The couples safe are: Susan & Tony and Cody & Julienne (along with a microphone awkward scratch). The lowest scored team this week are Rocco & Karina. I guess we’ll see if they can recover next week (I hope not)

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