Monday, October 13, 2008

Dancing With the Stars Week 4

Last Week: We lost Misty-May. Rocco still was in the bottom. As we watch the last week video, Cloris looks like her skin’s going to fall apart.

Why hello there Tom…and other woman who I don’t like too much, but probably on a superficial level. I thought I saw her on E! and I switched the channel. The stars come down from the stage and I’m already questioning clothing choices. Rocco, I’m looking right at you. How many lawn flamingos did they have to kill for that shirt? I’m so distraught on the pink fiasco that I can’t even comment on the faux-goth Lance/Lacey outfit.

Tom reminds us that the scores from last week are being combined this week. We have the Tango and Samba tonight.

Maurice/Cheryl: I don’t get how Maurice has gotten away with all these Latin dances back to back to back. Cheryl believes that Maurice is too wound up so she brings his children out. What? I was a little scared when I saw the afros on Cheryl, but I think it really helped him get into character. When they danced separately, you can see some timing flaws, but when they were paired up together it looked pretty fluid. I have to congratulate Cheryl for showing Midriff after getting a lot of “chubby” flack. Len wants everything refined. The crowd boos him. Bruno calls them Jackie Brown and “ghetto fabulous”. He also wants precision. Carrie Ann thinks that it wasn’t a good progression and that they are stuck in a rut. The scores are: 6, 7, and 7 = 20. Combined makes it a 44.

Cody/Julianne: After a lot of leg guitar, Cody has a more serious Tango. Cody is quite distracted and he gets a talk from his principal. I can’t believe how versatile his hair is. It went through like 4 styles before the dance and it’s perfectly slicked back for the dance. The song can be a little detrimental if they ran too fast, but Cody is keeping quite close to what the dance tempo should be. He still struggles in a few of the holds keeping his shoulders, but overall I can see the improvement and focus. They end rolling around on the floor. Bruno uses the words “mojo” and “dramatic”; he likes the lack of gimmicks. Carrie Ann points out that he tripped on the dress. I think that was my shoulder problems. Len likes the attitude and the fact that he held the energy through the whole performance. The scores are 7, 8, and 8 = 23. Poor Julianne didn’t know MJ stood for Michael Jordan and looked embarrassed in the back.

Toni/Alec: Toni’s gimmicks were bad, but they have the Samba. Toni’s heart condition is getting better. Alec wants Samba Rolls, which is a first for teaching celebrities for Alec. They do quite a sexy yet traditional Samba. I think some of Toni’s holds are lacking and I think the Samba Roll lacked a little bit of professionalism. I’m actually surprised the lack of booty that Toni either didn’t have or use. Overall, quite entertaining. Carrie Ann loves the sensuality, but she still wants more shoulder. Len likes the balance, but the promenade run apparently was messed up. Bruno calls her a “tasty morsel” and he liked the booty. The scores are 7, 7, and 8 = 22. (44)

Cloris/Corky: They have the Tango and Cloris really wants to try hard this week. Corky wants a balance between technique and comedy. Corky decides to bring her family. The family is happy to see her dance. They have a traditional Tango song so it’s bringing her into a better character. I will admit, her steps are better than before and you can see an increase in technique. You still see the acting, but it actually fits with the drama of the song. The audience gives her a standing ovation. Len is shocked how well Cloris did and used the term “Raunchy”. Bruno uses some weird analogy about being some grandmother from hell, and he likes the extension of the legs. Carrie Ann wants to apologize and she was underestimated. The scores are 8, 7, and 7. The 22 is a big jump from 16. The combined score is a 38.

Rocco/Karina: He really wants to learn the steps and his mother shows up to really bring him up. I like the mother, very Italian. I still think the outfit is silly, but the dancing still is a little stiff, less stiff than before but still. It’s above former Rocco caliber. Karina rips off the horrible arm pieces and the dance seemed to get better. They go for an end pose and he kind of lifts her. Does that count as a penalty? Bruno pointed out that he’s not musical. Carrie Ann likes how he’s having fun but he still lacks something. Len said something, but I wasn’t paying attention. The scores are 6, 6, and 6. The 18 is a big ouch, when Cloris has a 22. The combined score is 38.

Susan/Toni: Susan was a little miffed about the “timid” commentary from Carrie Ann, so this week she’s Erica Kane. Toni gets a little bit of a role in All My Children. Mostly Laughable. The dance is quite passionate, although I’m not sure how I feel about the faux-techno tango music. I will applaud her leg work this week and she her holds are as strong as ever. Carrie Ann really likes the Erica Kane and calls the dance moving art. Len calls it her best dance so far. Bruno likes the “broad” aspect. The scores are: 8, 8, and 8 = 24. Combined = 45.

Brooke/Derek: They decide to go to a Brazilian party. Brooke decides to get into the act. This week Derek is a little more “bananas” than he ever was and Brooke is ready. They have “Hip Hip Chin Chin” which I find ironic. Lacey danced her Samba on So You Think You Can Dance to the same song. Brooke is doing a great job. She also rips Derek’s shirt, which I guess is all we’re getting now that Maks is gone. Do these guys have to shave their chests as part of the contract? The dancing is passionate and quite energizing. Len thinks that it’s too erotic; then again he also didn’t like the shirt rip (he never does). Bruno calls the Samba so sexy he needs a smoke. Carrie Ann likes the combination of athleticism, grace, and sexiness. In the red room Derek’s shaking wouldn’t turn off. The scores are: 9, 8, and 9. He rips his shirt again.

Lance/Lacey: Lacey wants to make sure that the Tango has a strong frame for this dance. Apparently, Lance’s move he wants is to break her neck. Nice. They get Rihanna’s Disturbia. I guess this is Thriller Tango 2.0. I like the steps, the speed and the kicks. I don’t like the main singer. Bruno likes it and he wants Lance to be more assured. Carrie Ann points out that Lance was under the radar the last few weeks, but has popped out. Len calls him “Sir Dancealot” and that’s supposed to be a positive? Okay. The scores are: 9, 8, and 9. The 26 gives Lacey a “holy crap”.

Warren/Kym: Kym wants the Samba to have personality. Warren is a little too dancey. Their field trip this week is Capoeira. I remember seeing this from Tekken. Their dancing isn’t too bad. I still like how much area they cover with his weight. There are areas of him staring like an oaf, but I liked it. Carrie Ann thinks that it lacked a little bit of content. Len likes watching him, but disliked the lack of technique. Bruno thinks that they took it too easy. The scores are: 8, 7, and 7 = 22.

This Week:
Brooke – 26
Lance – 26

Susan – 24
Cody – 23

Warren – 22
Toni – 22
Cloris – 22
Rocco – 22
Maurice – 20

Brooke – 54
Lance – 48
Warren – 47

Susan – 45
Maurice – 44
Toni – 44

Cody – 43
Cloris – 38
Rocco – 38

Who’s going home? I want to say Rocco, but I’m gonna say that it’s between him and Maurice. With Cloris actually having a good score, I’m sure she’ll get some votes and be safe.

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