Friday, October 24, 2008

Survivor Gabon Episode 6

Previously on Survivor:
Kota is apparently kicking ass, Fang is eating too much. GC got too tired so they decided not to get rid of Sugar or Ace.

Fang returns a little depressed, but with a fire and a group vote, but Ace still is trying to work any angle that he can. Kelly couldn’t sleep. Matty talks about his girlfriend (and his dog). He is trying to make a “ring” to remind him of her. Then for about two minutes he turns into a surfer. He talks to Ace, who’s balding spot is showing. Matty thinks that he will keep Ken, Ace holds Sugar. They promise on mothers and girlfriends. That’s a little sexist. My woman is worthless to me. I’m sure he meant priceless.

It’s day 16 at Kota. The group all has a little bit of eating time. Dan has decided to commandeer more food. Corrine finally emerges as the “bitch” and complains about Dan as we watch shots of Dan eating rice with lettuce.

Over at Kota, they are worrying about the lack of rice. Ace suggests two meals. Ken clearly knows about rice so they decide to use his interview about it. Ace talks to Sugar about her having the idol and everyone knowing. Sugar thinks that she could sacrifice herself and give the idol to Ace just in case. What? If I were Sugar, I’d play it to get it out of the way. Ace interviews about having a lot of power, but an elephant decides to make his television debut and shuts Ace up. Thank you Elephant. Vote Elephant-Gorilla 2008.

The reward challenge takes place at some racetrack type field. Randy fist-pumps in excitement as he notices the lack of GC. The challenge is a snake challenge where they run around and chase each other around. This is basically that water/weight challenge. The reward is breads and Coffee/Tea. And of course, exile island. Kota sits out Corrine.

As the teams jog in circles, it seems as though Fang is ahead of Kota. I find it interesting that they put Kelly in front as she drags the team out. Kota clearly starts catching up to Fang as they die. Sugar and Kenny drop out as they all start running. They drop Kelly and the three start running. Kota drops Susie. Matty tries his best and forces Crystal to drop out. Eventually Ace’s pants decide to fall and Fang loses. Kota eats in front of Fang. Crystal is disillusioned and Randy makes some ass-y quack/whine noise. Sugar is sent to her shack again. Randy is all happy. Crystal calls Randy a troll. Not just a troll, a troll that lives under bridges and eats goats.

Kota returns all excited and happy. Especially Marcus who holds the bread in front of his crotch. Charlie suggests rationing. Original Kota tries to make sure that Dan doesn’t eat everything. Even with his pretty blue eyes. Randy tries to distance himself from Dan.

At Exile, Sugar’s fruit is guilting her. She eats the pineapple in depression.

Matty suggests to get everything done day 16. Kelly is a little tired of Crystal. Ace tries to convince Kelly that Crystal is weak and going to quit. Crystal decides to walk over to Ace and Kelly and makes sure that she’s not week. She points out a little bit of depression has waved over. Crystal as on Olympian, has pride. It must suck to lose as a gold medalist.

Day 17 and Kota is attempting to catch a turtle. Marcus uses his shirt and bob scoops him out. Susie is excited about turtle. Although Corrine made a little bid of a face, she and the rest of the tribe chow down.

Our immunity challenge is an obstacle course. There are three pairs. Net/Jungle/Pole combos. Then they add some more difficulty as each team goes. Kota sits out Susie.

The first pairs out are Bob/Randy and Kelly/Sugar. Randy’s lack of speed slows down Kota but the two get back pretty close even with the girls struggling under the net. Corrine/Charlie start crawling. Ace/Crystal start as C/C finish and continue running. Crystal’s size is a little bit of a detriment as they go through the weird stick blockade, but she starts to untie. Corrine finishes before Ace could get it. Ace gets smacked in the chest with the poles. Heh. Ace/Crystal catch up to the two C’s under the net. Dan and Marcus crawl fast. Matty/Ken gain a lot of time by being smart and nimble. Ken’s unknotting skill comes to an advantage and they had the lead for a while. Matty/Ken lose a little bit of time when Ken struggles. Everyone assembles around the same. Kota does well. Ace leads the group as he forces the wrong piece in the first one. Kota solves the puzzle and wins. Jeff hands the immunity to Corrine. Before commercial, Crystal mouths off about Ace.

Ace is worried about Kelly’s weakness. Matty wants to flush out the idol. Ace reassures him that it’s okay not to worry. They decide for Kelly. Crystal wants to blindside Sugar. Matty makes an Ace accent and says “Kelly.” Crystal is worried and “leery” and Ken figures it out. Ken knows that Matty is slipping. Matty’s promise…geez, you have too much standards on this show. Ken knows.

He decides to talk to Sugar. Sugar tells Ken that she gave the idol to Ace. He had a freak-out moment, no gamer would just toss a weapon. Sugar decides to hold on to the idol for the rest of the day after talking to Ken.

At tribal council Matty calls the tribe cursed. Kelly suggested that they can’t work together. Ace admits not being a group as he tried putting the square in the circle. Crystal admits to being able to vote Ace. Crystal admits to the crying. Kelly calls her “unstable” and Crystal flips on Kelly. And she uses the word “fuss-trated.” Kelly tries to throw Ace under the bus and Ace tries to snake his way out. Ace calls her a stupid blonde in his accent. Matty knows he’s safe but is still worried about the dynamic.

Ace votes and he votes “Kelli”. His is the only vote that’s shown to the audience. As Jeff gets the pot. Sugar decides not to play the idol and Jeff reads the votes. Kelli, Crystal, Kelly, Kelly, and Kelly (the last in big block letters). Her torch is snuffed and she walks away. *PS in the credits, Crystal gives Kelly the finger.

Next Week: Both tribes are doing a vote and everyone runs around confused. Matty voices Crystal. Randy voices Susie. Ken & Sugar suggest blindsiding Ace. Dan wants to get rid of Marcus. Matty thinks that he, Ken, and crystal are voting Ken. Corrine wants Dan out. Sugar mentions that everyone is voting for crystal. Susie okays (the Dan sentiment) and admits to Corrine that she would have voted Corrine. Hah. I like Susie.

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