Sunday, October 19, 2008

Amazing Race Episode 4 Recaplet

Up: Ken & Tina
Down & Out: Marisa & Brooke

+ Are Kiwi’s sharp or are the rocks below? Probably a combination of both. In either case, how hard would it be to stick a hand down there and see if there is a clog? It looked quite easy for Terence & Sarah.

+ I’m a fan of Nick, but watching Starr wipe out and cry the rest of the episode was amazing.

+ Ken & Tina were quite smart to consider the fast forward being in first place.

+ I like seeing the warriors having a lot of fun with the contestants, espically Brooke.

+ Toni & Dallas has a really nice relationship. After having overly perky Christina and overly depressive Ron, having a very supportive family on TV is a good change.

+ Phil’s father is amazing.

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